We discovered the work of Dutch product designer Chris Kabel during last Fashion Week in Milan at
The Vogue Talents Corner (Palazzo Morando), where one of his most interesting and original productions “Office Party” was exhibited.

Born in 1975, Chris Kabel is an eclectic designer with an artistic mind.
His works range from façade designs to lamps,
from curtains to garlands, from benches to
dinner serving sets.

Chris Kabel says about himself: “I like to be smart more than stylish. For some reason aesthetics always follow suit quite naturally”.
His thinking is interesting, because it gives a demonstration of what design really is about:
ideating functional products where beauty is just a natural consequence of a smart creation.


Cover ph and handwriting, Sara Ottavia Carolei
Gallery photo courtesy, Chris Kabel
(Credits written under the images in the gallery)

(Click on the images to open the gallery)

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