Affermazioni per i 7 Chakra

Felice lunedì! Ogni settimana che inizia è una possibilità per introdurre nuove abitudini. Come quella di lavorare con le affermazioni per i 7 Chakra

I nostri 7 Chakra principali hanno bisogno di essere allineati per risplendere. Dobbiamo controllare spesso che stiano bene, che siano nutriti e coccolati. Un modo immediato per farlo è attraverso le affermazioni. 

Io le preferisco in inglese, risuonano di più con me. Alcune le ho trovate, altre rimodellate a mia misura, altre ancora create.
Tutte sono nella lista perché le sento efficaci e potenti.   

Qui affermazioni per i 7 Chakra da usare senza parsimonia! 

1. RADICE (Muladhara) 

I am.
I am grounded.
I am abundant.
I am confident.
I am safe and secure.
I am connected.
I am healthy.
Inner peace is my natural state.
I feel safe in my body.
I am nourished. 

2. SACRALE (Swadhisthana) 

I am grateful to be me.
I am golden.
I honor the Sacred Goddess within me.
I live my life with passion.
I am a sensual, creative being.
I embrace my vibrant sexuality.
I celebrate myself.
My body is my temple.
My emotions flow freely.
I enjoy pleasures. 

3. PLESSO SOLARE (Manipura)

I am light.
I am powerful.
I can do everything I desire.
My potential is unlimited.
I am my authentic self.
I am motivated.
I am constantly taking actions toward my goals.
I act with courage.
I have a fire within me.
I am inspired.

4. CUORE (Anahata) 

I am love.
I am aligned with the high frequency of love.
I am always connected to the energy of my heart.
I accept myself fully.
I am grateful for all my blessings.
I feel the love of the Universe.
I love peace.
I live in harmony with all the other souls.
I love fearlessy.
My heart is pure. 

5. GOLA (Vishuddha) 

My words create my reality.
I am aligned with my highest truth.
I spread light through my words.
I honor my own voice.
I express myself freely.
I always speak my truth.
I speak with calm and clarity.
I listen.
I carry myself with integrity.
I constantly communicate with the Universe. 


I deeply trust my magic.
I see and think clearly.
I am connected to my inner guidance.
I manifest everything I desire.
I choose my thoughts wisely.
I see beauty wherever I look.
My mental body is strong.
I am open to new experiences.
All that I seek I can find within me.
My mind is creative. 

7. CORONA (Sahasrara) 

I am on a Mission of Light.
My guides are with me.
I am in alignement with my purpose.
I trust the Universe.
I am a divine soul.
I am boundless.
Everything is connected.
I understand.
I am one with all that is.
I am my highest self.


Un abbraccio magico a voi! 


{Cover Image: Sara Ottavia Carolei}

*Sara Ottavia Carolei

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